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Success Starts With A Solid Foundation

All construction employees participate in weekly tailgate meetings that are used as short training and information sessions. These meetings are usually based on a current or recently occurring construction safety topic. In order to be permitted to use many pieces of equipment, employees must participate in company provided training and demonstrate safe operation of the equipment. Additionally, when an accident or injury occurs, our superintendent will perform a full investigation of the incident and will conduct post-accident re-training with the employee, or with all employees on that jobsite, if necessary.

The safety of employees is one of the most important priorities on jobsites, especially when it comes to protecting employees. Being a commercial construction company who completes various structures, we strictly follow OSHA regulations on all projects.

At Evans Concrete Construction, safety is one of our top priorities. We strive to be sure that every foreman and laborer is protected from injury each and every day they report to work. With strict safety rules such as a hard hats and safety glasses required while inside on any jobsite at all times and training programs to insure that all employees have the proper skills needed to work safely we can proudly say that we have an excellent safety record. Evans Custom Concrete continues to make improvements to our safety program to make sure we remain a safe place to work.